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We've lost touch with food and where it comes from. Our mission is to reconnect.


Edinburgh, Scotland


RAW started like many great projects do: from a simple idea. One of those ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…’ moments. Things like butchery and fish preparation are fundamental parts of our food story. But these once commonplace skills seem to be becoming more of a dying art these days. Traditional dining experiences focus on eating and sometimes cooking food—which is awesome—but it’s only half the story. We’re excited to take people on food journeys to give them confidence and skills they can take home and help bridge that gap.

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Ethically sourced INGREDIENTS from farmers AND FISHERIES in the neighbouring AREAS allows us to support the local economy.




Wherever possible the aim is to source ingredients locally and based on seasonal availability. But that’s not everything. Ethical producers and quality food that is truly sustainable is vital. RAW supports farms and fisheries that meet those criteria as well as foraging locally for ingredients. Of course, some things just aren’t available locally due to climate and other factors. For example, RAW isn't going to stop using olive oil just because it’s an import! But we'll still try to source it from a small, high quality supplier that can send them in reusable containers to minimise waste. 


From Kill to Cut 



We tell the story of where your food comes from. Farm or fishery, whatever the source you’ll be told the journey made to reach you and the quality of life and respect it received. We carefully select our suppliers and we want you to know why.


A key part of the story which is largely hidden from us. We aim to shed some light on this darker side of the food story and give confidence in the methods used. We're working hard with our suppliers to provide opportunities to visit high quality abattoirs and see how things are done for yourself.


Pork and Beef in particular are large animals that many of us eat regularly. However, increasingly we only see the small cuts ready-packed in supermarkets. This is where we provide an opportunity for you to see this process from carcass to cuts and get hands-on during our experiences.


We believe in fostering relationships with local PRODUCERS who share our values and practice sustainable methods.



At RAW we don’t see the supply chain as a source for inventory or products. We see it as a story that needs to be told and shared. We build meaningful relationships with our suppliers and want people to know why we’ve chosen them. Everyone has an important part to play in making a sustainable future, but it starts at the farm or the fishery. This is a core part of RAW’s mission to reconnect people with food and where it comes from. Supply is not just for businesses, where possible we want to give you access to our suppliers so you can continue to eat high quality food and support farms and fisheries outside of RAW experiences. 

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The times they are a changin’. We’re living in an exciting time.




Now more than ever is the time where people are starting to question our food since the dawn of mass production. Once upon a time things like ‘grass-fed’ and ‘local’ weren’t luxury choices, that was the ONLY choice. Whether it’s reducing our plastic consumption or just not always eating the most popular cuts of an animal, all these elements tie together at the heart of our humanity; we all eat; we all face the shared challenge that is our future. This all sounds very serious, because it is. But there’s another side to all this which is simply about sharing quality time together and having fun with your pals! Experiences like these touch on something primal within, tapping into something awesome!



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